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Scaffolding and Related Supplies Available throughout the North Americas & Mexico

Serving You Safely for Over 20 Years

Structural Tech Corporation has been in the scaffolding manufacturing business for over 20 years. Positioned along the shores of the St. Clair River and at the base of Hwy401 we are readily accessible by all means of transport ready to deliver our scaffold to anywhere in North America or Mexico.

We offer a complete line of frame scaffolding, accessories; painted or hot-dipped galvanized, all are compatible with most major scaffold brand names in the industry such as Waco and Aluma.

Our Smart Scaffold won the 2006 Innovation Award proving that we are
industry leaders.

2006 Innovation Award

For those needing specialized systems we can manufacture scaffolding to any specification.

We also supply Tube & Clamp Scaffold for industrial and construction applications 

New products are continually being introduced. 

New Product Lines

  • welding trailers
  • utility carts
  • scaffold carts
  • scaffold wagons
  • stairway systems for trailers

Safety comes 1st at Structural Tech

With the increase of off shore equipment don't be fooled by lower prices.  Did you know that you could be placing your workers at risk to save a few dollars?  Off shore tubing is not the same quality scaffolding that you will receive from Structural Tech Corporation Ltd.  All our products are built to CSA standards.  We use only structural tube with mill-testing and all our welders are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau.  China and other off shore companies do not have the same requirements.

When placing your order you will receive:

  • a letter of certificate of compliance certifying that the scaffold is manufactured to the compliance with CSA S269.2-M1980 and Ontario Ministry of Labour Occupation Health and Safety Act 213/91 Section 125,126,127

  • a letter of certification from the Canadian Welding Bureau that our welders are Licensed to the CSA Standard W47.1

  • a letter of Warranty against defects in material and workmanship

  • a letter of Proof of Insurance for Liability insurance from manufacturing

  • a letter of mill testing on the structural tub that went into the scaffold

  • you will get all the pages of engineering on your scaffold


Some of our long-term clients include; United Rentals, Contractors Rental Supply, Battlefield Equipment, Hertz Equipment, Komatso Rents and many others throughout North America.  We welcome all new distributors. Interested distributors should  contact our office to discuss how they can add our line of equipment to their supplies.


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